Blueberry & Victor are getting married! NOTE: Important update to Date below!


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Please note, this is our Thailand wedding celebration only. Our legal marriage will happen in the US.

Our Love Story

Introducing the Couple

Blueberry was in the United States under a Student Visa, working as an Aupair. She lived with a host family and helped take care of their four young boys. The host family lived owned a home in San Francisco.

Victor had moved to San Francisco the previous year after accepting a position at work. He lived in a small, but comfy in-law suite underneath a mansion in Alamo Square park.

First Date

Blue and Victor met very near the start of COVID pandemic. The first date was at the Vesuvio Cafe on February 29, 2020 where they both were intensely taken with each other. A older couple complimented the on how cute they were together and that they should have 5 kids! Soon after the first date COVID shut down the world as well as any opportunity for them to see each other again.. or so they thought. In March, Blueberry and her host family had moved out of the city and into the suburbs. Pleading with Blueberry not to meet any friends or even walk into a store. She was miserable, and alone. She needed someone to talk to! To pay attention to her!


By April Blueberry had enough of loneliness. When she called Victor was always available for some FaceTime chats. Often these calls would go on for hours and hours. She could not go anywhere to meet anyone and Victor just preferred it. Often it would just be cooking with each other, showing each other what they've made, and very often watching movies and TV shows together.

Meeting in Secret

By May, Victor and Blueberry decided that they needed to be together (no not in that way). Even though Blueberry wasn't supposed to, she secretly agreed to meet Victor in the park near her home. Victor rented a car, prepared a large picnic of chicken wings, queso dip, chips and margaritas and drove out to meet her again. They both had a great time!


August, after many months of meeting at the park, Blueberry's work as an Aupair was finally coming to an end. Victor rented a car and picked her up from Alamo and brought her back to the city. Blueberry's visa allowed here a couple of months before she would have to return to Thailand. Together they would travel to Redding Ca., Mt. Lassen National Park and long road trips looking for picturesque waterfalls.

September, It was finally time for Blueberry to return home. Victor and Blueberry had enjoyed their time together and found it very difficult to part. Victor began to feel very lonely after Blueberry walked through her gate.


Victor had agreed to come to Thailand to see Blueberry when the country opened Travel to foreigners again. It took many month for this to happen but in the meantime they had continued to FaceTime together, watching movies and cooking with each other.

In February 2021, Victor finally came to Thailand! Blueberry's family showed Victor all the best Thai food in Chonburi, and he was so amazed. Victor was also expected to drive in this country, which he found extremely nerve wracking.

Together they traveled all across Thailand. They spent Valentines Day in Bangkok on a riverboat cruise. They when Snorkeling in Phuket. They explored the mountains of Chiang Mai, and fed elephants.

By April, it was coming time for Victor to go back home. Before leaving, he bought Blueberry a ring and they became engaged! Leaving this time was easier, as they know it wasn't forever.


After returning from Thailand in May, Victor prepared the K1 Visa application. And they've been waiting ever since.

The Details


Monday June 6, 2022


eonday June 18, 2022


At Thai House, Bankampu Cafe

7:20 AMReligious Ceremony
9:09 AMRing Exchange
9:15 AMPaying Respect to Elders
10:00 AMHoly Water Pouring

At Forest Room, Bankampu Cafe

11:00 AMGuests Lunch
11:30 AMStarting the Celebration
12:00 PMCake!
1:30 PMGreeting and Thank You

Note: that the schedule is subject to change, However the start and end times will remain the same!


Bankampu Tropical Cafe, Bangkok
5/61 Soi Yotinpaattaana3 Moo9, Bueng Kum, Bangkok

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Local Hotel

1009 ซอย นวลจันทร์ 4 Khwaeng Nuanchan, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand S Bangkok Nawamin

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Dress Code

Please keep attire Pink and Elegant

(pastel, rusty, dusty, dark, any)